Proposals for the future enhancement of St Neots Riverside Park

Riverside park

Pathways update – November 2022

We have carried out surveying work to identify the sections of pathway that are in most disrepair in Riverside Park. These areas have been marked out and cordoned off for public safety and have been fast tracked for immediate enhancement to an acceptable state. Given the winter months and associated weather, we are unable to renovate the entire pathway network in the park. However, in the meantime, the most problematic areas are scheduled for the beginning of December 2022.

Pathway enhancement project

We are currently within the planning application process (the plans can be viewed on the Public Access website) and due to the rising costs of materials and construction, we are exploring funding options to take this project forward. Once funding options to support the project have been sourced, we will look to begin construction on this project at the earliest opportunity, considering the conditions of riverside land and the impacts of weather.

The project will create a safe and accessible route along the beautiful River Great Ouse frontage, supporting park users in benefiting their health and wellbeing.

Wider investment in Riverside Park

Alongside the proposed future enhancement of the entire pathway network in Riverside Park, the council also has ambitious to explore wider investment in the open space. Riverside Park is a key strategic green space in St Neots, and we will be looking to produce some plans and proposals that could be used to bid for funding, enhancing the park beyond new and much-needed pathway restoration. If you are interested in being involved in this or you have any questions, contact