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What is it?

Staying Active is a new 9-week activity programme to help you become more active and move more.

The programme will include a range of activities to help you improve your mobility, socialise and ultimately improve your overall wellbeing.

There are many benefits of staying active as we grow older including:

  • maintaining strength to help with daily activities

  • improved sleep at night

  • keeping muscles strong and joints supple.

Located at either a leisure centre or in a community space, the programme consists of 9 weeks of group activities including functional movement classes, healthy eating, wellbeing walks, exercise classes, adapted sports and team games. Activities will be suitable for the participants.

Once signed up for the 9-week course, each participant will receive a free 90-day offer to use the One Leisure facilities subject to eligibility criteria*. This membership includes activities such as badminton**, indoor cycling, the gym, exercise classes, and swimming, amongst other targeted activities delivered across One Leisure and in community venues.

** Badminton and other racket sports will only be free at off-peak times (before 4.30pm Monday to Friday and all weekend)

What are the eligibility criteria?

Participants will be aged at least 55 years of age and meet at least two of the following eligibility criteria:

  • starting exercise for the first time or after a sustained period of inactivity

  • starting to need support with activities of daily living

  • are finding daily tasks more challenging

  • not yet had a fall but feeling unsteady on their feet

  • are developing balance problems

  • are developing muscle weakness

  • long term health conditions including: arthritis, osteoporosis and hypotension (low blood pressure)

  • adults who present for medical attention because of a fall, report recurrent falls in the past year, or have other risk factors for falls


  • residents of Huntingdonshire district

  • your blood pressure needs to be within certain limitations. Raised, controlled blood pressure is okay. However, if your blood pressure is either above 180 (on the top/first number) and/or above 100 (on the lower/second number) you should seek advice to confirm suitability. (For example: 190/105, please seek advice before completing your application)

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Top number Lower number Yes/No
<120   Yes
120-170   Yes
>180   No
  80 Yes
  <90 Yes
  >100 No
  • Customers will only be 'eligible' for one 'Staying Active' offer or similar (for example: Let's Get Moving, Active for Health and Staying Active.

To find out more, read Staying Active – Guidance for the Public

When and where is it?

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Venue  Start Date Day  Time
Somersham Victory Hall 2 April 2024 Tuesday 2pm - 3pm
Ramsey Community Centre 20 March 2024 Wednesday 2pm - 3pm
Little Paxton Village Hall 21 March 2024 Thursday 2pm - 3pm (excluding 2 May 2024)

More dates and locations coming soon!

How do I sign up?

Complete the online application form

How much does it cost?

Staying Active is free of charge.