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What is it?

There are many benefits of being active including:

  • lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, ensuring your heart is more efficient

  • improved sleep at night

  • improved mood through endorphins released within the body

  • help maintain bone strength to prevent osteoporosis later in life

  • keep muscles strong and joints supple.

Active for Health is a new 12-week activity programme to help you become active and move more. Adults (18 and over). You can sign up for the Active for Health programme if you have a BMI of 25 or over, or 23.5 if you are from the BME community

The programme will include a range of activities to help you improve your fitness, socialise, learn new skills, and ultimately improve your overall wellbeing.

Located at either a leisure centre or in a public open space, the programme consists of 12 weeks of group activities including fitness classes, walking sports, team games, healthy eating, and wellbeing walks. Activities will be chosen by the group in consultation with the coach.

Once signed up for the 12-week course, each participant will receive a free 90-day offer to use the One Leisure facilities subject to eligibility criteria*. This membership includes activities such as badminton**, squash**, cyclone (indoor cycling), the gym, fitness classes, and swimming, amongst other targeted activities delivered across One Leisure 

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • adults (18 years and over) with a BMI of 25 or over, or 23.5 if you are from the BME community


  • be inactive (undertake less than 30 minutes of exercise per week)

  • residents of Huntingdonshire district

  • your blood pressure needs to be within certain limitations. Raised, controlled blood pressure is okay. However, if your blood pressure is either above 180 (on the top/first number) and/or above 100 (on the lower/second number) you should seek advice to confirm suitability. (For example: 190/105, please seek advice before completing your application)

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    Top number Lower number Yes/No
    <120   Yes
    120 - 170   Yes
    >180   No
      80 Yes
      <90 Yes
      >100 No
  • customers will only be eligible for one Active for Health offer.

* Additional free 90 day One Leisure offer is subject to additional eligibility criteria. Individuals who have been a pre-paid member of One Leisure in the previous 18 months from date of application, may take part in the course but will not be eligible for this secondary benefit. Memberships cannot be exchanged for the duration of the programme.

Please note the additional 90-day One Leisure offer is only available to people who fully participate in the 12-week programme. To qualify you must attend at least one of the first two sessions (unless an exemption is applied in advance). If you are awarded the pass but then fail to attend the course Huntingdonshire District Council retains the right to remove the pass from your account.

** Badminton and other racket sports will only be free at off-peak times (before 4.30pm).

To find out more, read our Active for Health - Guidance for the Public [PDF, 0.2MB].

When and where is it?

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Venue Start date Day Time Type
One Leisure St Ives 18 September 2023 Monday 7pm - 8pm Adults
One Leisure St Neots 20 September 2023 Wednesday 5pm - 6pm Adults
One Leisure Huntingdon 20 September 2023 Wednesday 6pm - 7pm Adults
One Leisure Ramsey 21 September 2023 Thursday 5pm - 6pm Adults

How do I sign up?

Complete the Active for Health Application Form

How much does it cost?

Active for Health is free of charge.