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Environmental Issues


The HDC biodiversity project is a 3-year project, paid for by a grant from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

People and partners

The funding has allowed us to recruit two graduate ecologists to help us increase nature and scientifically track how we are doing on both HDC-owned open spaces and across the district. We will work with a small number of partners to help deliver the projects and help us engage our local communities.

Assessing our land and delivering programmes to help nature

We have audited our own sites to identify opportunities for improvement and build management plans which will increase biodiversity for years to come.

Supporting community projects

As part of the project, we are offering a Grant Scheme allowing parishes, town councils, community groups and businesses to apply for funding to have a biodiversity audit on a site they own. This will show how good the site is for nature now and make recommendations for improvement. The grant will contribute up to £8,000 towards implementing the changes.

Citizen science

We are currently looking at the various platforms that exist to help us record and monitor nature. We will need your help to do this! Watch this space for more updates on what we are doing in this area.