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Environmental Issues

We offer commercial pest control contracts for businesses within the district.

Why do I need a pest control contract?

Whether you run a shop, restaurant, warehouse or an office, effective pest management is essential to protect customers and staff from hygiene risks and to avoid damage to your stock and reputation.

Our specialist staff will work with you to develop an effective solution that meets your needs and gives your business maximum protection against rodents and insects.

What does the service offer?

We will:

  • conduct a thorough site visit to review the reported problem or concerns

  • as a result of the survey carry out a "Riddance" treatment to industry and safety standards if there is an infestation detected

  • develop a Prevention Plan, including visit to your premise monthly, where live bait is being used as per baiting standards

  • develop a bespoke Pest Management Programme to match your business needs at competitive prices

  • provide advice on working practices to reduce the risk of rodents and/or insects to prevent them becoming a problem

  • advise on prevention solutions to restrict rodents and/or insects from entering your premises

  • record details of each service visit and treatments in your tailored Pest Management Programme which includes actions taken and recommendations to reduce the risk

  • issue COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health) sheets for any chemical used.

Our qualified Level 2 in Pest control management officer is uniformed and carries photo ID.

For further information, enquiries or a quote please complete our online form.