What has changed for business in the hospitality sector

In line with the Prime Minister’s address on 22 September, the government announced further national measures in relation to certain businesses to address rising cases of coronavirus in England.

The measures cover the following areas:

  • restrictions on opening hours of businesses and services.
  • restrictions on service of food and drink for consumption on the premises

The government has issued the following guidance which can be found on their website

You can also read the legislation in full

What does the food team do?

Our officers carry out routine visits to food businesses to check whether they are complying with food hygiene requirements. We also respond to:

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We provide several other services and functions as part of our overall aim to monitor the safety of food which is produced and sold in the district. These include:

  • promoting good food hygiene practice and providing training courses

  • offering free advice about food safety matters

  • closing down unhygienic premises which are a risk to health

  • taking formal enforcement action where needed

  • carrying out microbiological and chemical sampling of food and water.

We maintain a register of all registered food premises (approximately 1,600) in the district. A copy of the register can be viewed at Pathfinder House in Huntingdon.