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Pay Policy Statement 2019/20

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Gender pay gap

Senior officer structure, salaries and benefits

View information about our senior officer structure, including details of contract types, shared positions and salary bands and ceilings.

Further details of senior officer pay and reward, plus information on the number of employees whose remuneration was £50,000 or more can be found in our Statement of Accounts.

Director's corporate card expenditure

2016/17 (to March 2017)



Councillors’ expenses and allowances

Councillors’ Allowance Scheme

Councillors' Expenditure Report 2016-17

Councillors' Expenditure Report 2015-16

Trade union facility time

The Local Government Transparency Code refers to ACAS guidance for definitions which states that a union representative is "an employee who has been elected or appointed in accordance with the rules of the independent union to be a representative of all or some of the union’s members the particular company or workplace, or agreed group of workplaces where the union is recognised for collective bargaining purposes." Huntingdonshire District Council does not recognise any union for collective bargaining purposes and therefore does not have any staff who are union representatives as defined by this guidance.