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Final accounts

The Statement of Accounts represents our financial position for the year ended 31 March. It summarises the council's assets and liabilities as at 31 March and a cashflow statement which sets out where our money came from and how it was spent.








You can view previous year's documents in our Financial document archive.

Our accounts are subject to audit by Ernst & Young LLP, London.

Budget book

Each year we set a budget for the coming financial year and put together a Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) for the next six years. Calculations for the district’s council tax are based on this budget.

Information on budget and spending [PDF, 1MB] [PDF, 0.1MB]

Budget 2024/25 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2025/26 to 2028/29 [PDF, 0.9MB]

Four-Year Efficiency Plan 2017/18 to 2020/21 [PDF, 0.7MB]

Expenditure over £250

We publish this information so you can see what we spend money on. These payments are for goods and services, grant payments, payments to other public bodies and expense payments.

View expenditure over £250

Procurement card expenditure

We publish online details of all payments made to suppliers for goods and services using a procurement card. The data is listed as a single annual dataset updated on a quarterly basis.

Procurement Card Expenditure For April To August 2022/23 [CSV, 49Kb] [CSV, 49KB]

Financial documents for previous years can be found on the Finance Document Archive page.

Appointment of external auditor

Notice of appointment of external auditor [PDF, 51Kb] [PDF, 51KB]