Huntingdonshire District Council has 52 councillors, also known as members, who represent 26 wards across the district.

View the Huntingdonshire district wards map [PDF, 0.3MB].

From 3 May 2018, district council elections will be held every four years. 

The current political composition of the council is:

  • Conservative - 30

  • HDC Independent Group - 10

  • Liberal Democrats - 7

  • Independent - 1

  • Labour - 4

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What is a councillor?

Councillors are elected by local people to plan, run, monitor and develop council business. They work to improve the quality of life of people within the district and make decisions about local issues.

Councillors are the voice of their community and have the opportunity to make a significant difference to the lives of residents. They are involved in decision-making through Full Council meetings, regulatory committees and panels and as members on partnership boards. They also influence and determine the development and review of policies and strategies and play a part in the overview and scrutiny function.

Councillors also act as community leaders and work in partnership with other organisations, including the voluntary and community sector, to improve services and quality of life for local residents.

We have a Code of Conduct [PDF] that applies to all of our councillors.

You can contact your councillors to help you if you have a local issue that you want to bring to their attention or are dissatisfied with the council’s Services.

Becoming a councillor

If you would like to know more about becoming a district councillor, please visit the Local Government Association website

View Job Descriptions for Elected Members [PDF].

Councillors’ expenses and allowances

Councillors' Allowance Scheme 2018-2022 [PDF, 0.1MB]

Councillors’ Allowance Scheme [PDF]

Councillors' Expenditure Report 2019/20 [PDF, 0.1MB]

Complaints about councillors

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