Grass cutting

We cut our grassed areas across the district at various frequencies, depending on how often it is needed and the type of site it is. For example, certain banks may only be cut once or twice a year, whereas playing fields may be cut more frequently.

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Grass verges

Cambridgeshire County Council is responsible for most of the verges in Huntingdonshire. Depending on the location of the verge, it could be cut by either Huntingdonshire District Council, town and parish councils, or Cambridgeshire County Council.

If you are unsure who cuts the grass verges please contact us on 01480 388640.

Parking on grass verges

We have no legal power to prevent cars parking on grass verges. Please report any issues or problems to Cambridgeshire County Council.

You should report any cars obstructing a pavement to the police.

We can prevent people using grass verges to sell vehicles if we can prove it is being done as a business. If you believe this is happening please report this to us and we will investigate.


We avoid hedge trimming and shrub work during the breeding season of birds and other animals and when animals have their young.

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High hedges

See the High Hedges page for information on dealing with problems with high hedges.