What changes are taking place?

Following endorsement by Scrutiny and Cabinet earlier in 2021, we will be pursuing the goal of civil parking enforcement within the district.

This position has achieved the formal support of Cambridgeshire County Council with the goal of commencing operation of the new scheme in summer 2023.

Proposed timeline:

  • Scrutiny and Cabinet endorsement - March 2021

  • Agency Agreement - March 2022

  • Department for Transport Application before Cabinet - July 2022

  • Enforcement Policy Draft to be agreed by Cabinet - October 2022

  • Enforcement Policy before Overview and Scrutiny - February 2023

  • Operation commences - summer 2023

What is civil parking enforcement?

On-street parking offences within the district are currently a criminal offence which means that enforcement is the responsibility of the police.

Civil parking enforcement (CPE) is the outcome of the decriminalisation process which sees a new civil enforcement area (CEA) created under the Traffic Management Act 2004. A map of all current CEAs in England can be found here.

The overall responsibility for signs and lines, on-street parking and related permits falls to the Highways Authority (Cambridgeshire County Council) in accordance with the Traffic Management Act 2004. However, the day-to-day enforcement powers will be delegated to Huntingdonshire District Council under an Agency Agreement.

Steps towards civil parking enforcement

A working group of Cambridgeshire County and Huntingdonshire District Council officers are engaged in preparing for CPE.

Work to prepare for that start of CPE, planned to commence summer 2023 includes:

  • establishing enforcement related policies

  • completing the Department for Transport processes to gain formal approval to form the new CEA

  • surveying all signs and lines restrictions within the district, completing all works to make sure they meet the required standards for enforcement

  • a district-wide review of all Traffic Regulation Orders in place

  • finalisation of the new replacement Traffic Regulation Orders

  • a statutory consultation which includes Cambridgeshire County Council and the police.

As work progresses, key documents to enable CPE will be brought forward:

Agency Agreement

The Agency Agreement is the document shared between Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council that governs the relationship of on-street parking enforcement when CPE 'goes live' in terms of responsibilities.

This will be agreed by Cabinet. It is anticipated to be ready for March 2022.

Department for Transport (DfT)Draft Application

This is a DfT document submitted by the County Council to form a civil enforcement area (CEA) within the district. This document specifies the area enforcement will take place and confirm to the DfT the arrangements in place for managing the scheme.

This will be brought to the Cabinet for information/comment via Scrutiny. It is anticipated to be ready for July 2022.

Enforcement Policy

This is the set of documents summarising how we will enforce. This will be developed in conjunction with CCC as CPE works progress.

This will be agreed by Cabinet as a draft for comment in October 2022.

This will be brought back to the Overview and Scrutiny Panel and subsequent Cabinet in its final form for approval/endorsement in February 2023.