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Huntingdonshire District Council is encouraging residents to take advantage of an Early Bird discount if they subscribe to the new Garden Waste Subscription Service by 31 January 2024.

The annual charge for the first green bin will be £57.50, but residents who sign up by Wednesday 31 January 2024 can take advantage of an Early Bird offer which makes the cost of the first bin £50. If residents choose to pay for the service by Direct Debit, the reduced price will continue for a minimum of three years, which means the cost will be £50 a year for three years. Additional bins will continue to cost £30 each.

Those who subscribe to the fortnightly service will receive a sticker to put on their bin and collection crews will have devices to check the collection service has been paid for. Only bins displaying the sticker will be emptied.

Executive Councillor for Corporate and Shared Services at Huntingdonshire District Council, Cllr Martin Hassall, said: "I would encourage residents who wish to subscribe to our garden waste subscription service, to sign-up for this early bird offer by the end of January 2024. Subscribing to the new service is quick and easy to do. Simply sign up and pay online by visiting our website or alternatively, call 01480 388584.

"It's an entirely optional service and this is not a compulsory charge, but from April our garden waste collection will only be available to residents that register and subscribe. If you do not have a garden or do not want to pay for the collections, you do not need to do anything."

Those who choose not to join the subscription service can dispose of their garden waste by taking it to their nearest Cambridgeshire County Council household waste recycling centre or compost at home instead.

Residents can also buy discounted compost bins.

To find out more information and sign up to the Early Bird discount please visit the Garden Waste Subscription Service page or call us 01480 388584.