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Bins & Waste

Why choose to reuse?

Find out the financial and environmental advantages of cloth vs disposable nappies.

Some good places to start your research

Understanding different types of cloth nappies

The pros and cons of each option: Two parter, all in one, pocket nappy or all in two nappy?

There are also different sizes and materials to choose from. You can also take a short quiz to find out which type of reusable nappy is right for you.

Your shopping list should include some basics. The Nappy Lady has a reusable nappy system shopping list helping to highlight the essentials. Information on parts of a nappy system helps to explain what each of those items on your shopping list does.

You may also want to use reusable wipes, rather than disposable wet wipes, to help further reduce costs and waste. Here is some guidance from The Nappy Gurus on what to keep in mind when selecting how many to use and how to use.

Part of your research should also include trying out the different options. You can contact your local nappy library to loan some from them to make sure the ones you might want work for you.

Bells Bumz also offer trial kits to help with this.

Once you are sure which ones you want to invest in, there are a few options open to you.

Discount available

We have teamed up with the following suppliers to offer 10-25% discounts. To apply for this discount, you will need to complete the application form and read our terms and conditions.

Apply for a Discount Code

Bells Bumz also offer an incentive for reusable nappies, which is applied for through their website.

If you are still unable to afford reusable nappies with the discounts on offer, but would like to use reusable nappies, please email us to see if we can offer any additional support


There is also the secondhand route, as reusable nappies keep their value well. Buying secondhand reduces your impact even further as you are not requiring new resources to produce the new nappies. They are usually also much cheaper than buying new. A few reselling Facebook sites are: