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Consultation: Planning Checklists

We are seeking comments on amendments to our planning validation checklists. To find out more and how to provide feedback please visit the consultation page.

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 Land Charge Item Current (£) 

Official Search (LLC1)

In the whole Register



Additional parcels of land where more than one parcel is included in the same requisition 7.00

Part I Standard Enquiries (con29R) Residential inclusive of VAT

One parcel of land 



Several parcels of land
- first parcel
Each additional parcel 33.60

Part I Standard Enquiries (con29R) Commercial inclusive of VAT

One parcel of land



Several parcels of land
- first parcel
Each additional parcel 69.36

Part II Optional Enquiries (con29O) Inclusive of VAT

Printed enquiry Question 4-22 (excluding Q8,16,21 & 22)



Question 8 9.60
Question 16 15.60
Question 21 15.60
Question 22 25.20
Solicitors own enquiries 11.00

Summary of Charges

Basic Search (LLC1 & Con29R) Residential Property



Basic Search (LLC1 & Con29R) Commercial Property
Printed enquiry Question 4-22 (excluding Q8, Q16,21 &22) 7.20 each
Question 8 9.60 each
Question 16 15.60 each
Question 21 15.60 each
Question 22 25.20 each
Solicitors own enquiries 11.00 each

VAT is included. Prices valid from 1 April 2022.

View CON29 fees by question [PDF, 0.2MB] 

Please ensure that you provide the appropriate fee when submitting your application for a search as your application will be returned if the fee is not correct.

You can make a payment via debit/credit card by calling us on 01480 388019.

Please make any cheques payable to Huntingdonshire District Council.

Copies of documents

We can provide copies of Huntingdonshire District Council registration documents only, such as:

  • Section 106 agreements

  • Section 52 agreements

  • Section 33 agreements

We charge an administration fee of £10 per document.

Request Document Copies