Any hackney carriage (taxi) or private hire vehicles wishing to operate in Huntingdonshire must be licensed by us. Separate licences are required for vehicles, drivers and operators.

The main purpose of licensing is to ensure the safety of the travelling public by making sure that the vehicles we licence are safe, suitable and reliable. 

Further information on the requirements for private hire and hackney carriage vehicle licensing can be found in the:

How do I apply?

 The procedure for applying for a vehicle licence changed on 1 December 2018 - find out about the new requirements.  

Apply for or renew a vehicle licence
Insurance Replacement Vehicle Form
Vehicle Transfer Application Form
Vehicle Licensing FAQs
Vehicle Licensing Flowchart
Book a vehicle test online



Please see the Fees page

Does tacit consent apply?

 No. For public safety reasons we must process your application before it can be granted.