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We are ambitious, dedicated, and forward-thinking. We provide a customer-focused planning service designed to facilitate growth in a way that protects and promotes all that is valued by our communities.

We are leading the way for growth across the district. In the period 2011-2036 provision will be made for at least 20,100 new homes (both market and affordable), and approximately 14,400 additional jobs. Work is also underway on a Local Plan update.

We're the largest district in Cambridgeshire, which covers 90,000 hectares including more than 80 towns, villages and smaller settlements. Huntingdonshire has a rich history and this is reflected in the large number of historic buildings found within the district, many of which are protected as 'listed buildings', along with 61 conservation areas.

We offer a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience. Our busy team receives over 2,000 applications per year, ranging from householders to large-scale major applications, giving you the potential to work on a wide variety of development proposals.

Infrastructure is an important element to the successful delivery of our future growth. Recognising this, we were one of the first councils to introduce CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy), working alongside S106 developer contributions.

To date, the Implementation Team has supported over 55 exciting projects, this includes community, sports, open spaces and health facilities. We’ve awarded over £27 million of CIL to infrastructure, enabling the delivery of over £100 million infrastructure investment to support the growth in the district, including a SEND School at Alconbury Weald and Hinchingbrooke Country Park improvements.