Your full Council Tax bill is based on two or more adults living in a property. In some cases, you may be entitled to a discount or your property may be exempt from Council Tax.


Discounts are available for single occupiers, some empty properties and people who are disabled or live with a disabled person. See Discounts for more information.


Sometimes you may not have to pay Council Tax. Most exemptions only apply when no-one lives in a property, but sometimes occupied properties are exempt. These are only broad descriptions of the exemptions that are available. Each exemption is determined on the situation when you apply. See Exemptions for more information.


Some people can be disregarded, that is not counted, for Council Tax purposes and you can claim a 25% discount on your bill. The discount cannot be given if, after ignoring all discounted people, two or more adults are living in the property. See Disregards for more information.


You may be entitled to Council Tax support if you, or someone living with you, are on a low income. See Council Tax support for more information.