The Inspector issued the timetable for the Hearing Sessions.

Following the hearings a number of actions were agreed.

Following the submission of EXAM documents by the Council, responses to some of these documents were received and can be viewed at the end of this page.

Further documentation submitted during the examination of the Local Plan can be found on the Documents Library page.

Agenda for Sustainability Appraisal – additional hearing session to be held on Wednesday 26 September 2018 2.00pm.

Matters 1-15: Statements

Matter 1: Procedural and Legal Requirements

Matter 2: The Duty to Cooperate

Matter 3: Development Strategy

Matter 4: Overall Provision for Housing

Matter 5: Building a Strong, Competitive Economy

Matter 6: Proposed Site Allocations - Huntingdon Spatial Planning Area

Matter 7: Proposed Site Allocations - St Neots Spatial Planning Area

Matter 8: Proposed Site Allocations - St Ives Spatial Planning Area

Matter 9: Proposed Site Allocations - Ramsey Spatial Planning Area

Matter 10: Proposed Site Allocations - Key Service Centres

Matter 11: Proposed Site Allocations - Local Service Centres

Matter 12: The Supply and Delivery of Housing Land

Matter 13: Strengthening Communities

Matter 14: Requiring Good Design

Matter 15: Conserving and Enhancing the Environment

Statements in response to EXAM documents


Matter 3 – EXAM/03 and EXAM/04

Matter 4 – EXAM/05 and EXAM/06

Exam Documents 40, 41 and 42

Statements of Common Ground