The Huntingdonshire Local Plan was adopted in 1995 and updated in 2002 with the adoption of the Local Plan Alteration.

The Alteration contains policies regarding settlement strategy and housing, which replaced some of those in the Local Plan 1995.

'Saved' Local Plan policies

The Secretary of State issued a Direction on Saved Policies in September 2007 setting out which parts of the Local Plan 1995 and Local Plan Alteration 2002 would be saved.

Some saved policies of the Local Plan 1995 and Alteration 2002 have been replaced by the Core Strategy 2009.

The 'saved' policies of the Huntingdonshire Local Plan (1995) and the Huntingdonshire Local Plan Alteration (2002) were replaced by the Local Plan to 2036 after it was adopted.

‘Saved’ policies