We're working to make community groups, such as food banks, job clubs established and more sustainable and resilient. For example, we have supported the Huntingdonshire Food Network with projects including:

Diamond Hampers: Community Pantry

  • A social mini market for local families to be given the opportunity to purchase goods on a "pay as you feel" system.

Community Fridge

  • Providing customers with free produce that would otherwise go to landfill. This is a free to use service for the community that redistributes excess food from supermarkets, local shops, local farms and community donations.

  • The project positively supports the community by changing the focus from ‘emergency food’ to ‘community food’, helping those that would otherwise need to use foodbanks to access additional food and essentials and tackling environmental issues associated with food waste.


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Food for Nought: Food Redistribution

  • By supplying foodbanks and community fridges with the surplus produce that would otherwise go to landfill, Food for Nought supports the systems in place that can signpost and refer those people that are facing financial hardship. Food For Nought – For People and the Planet

Godmanchester Foodbank: Recipe Cards and Cooking Equipment

  • The project provides a set of recipe cards and cooking equipment needed to those that receive emergency food packages. The project has two main objectives to help people learn how to make tasty and nutritious meals using the food they receive and also helping people to creatively use food that is often past its best, such as turning bananas into banana bread or vegetables into soup.


  • We’re supporting the community and voluntary groups to grow the number of volunteers and volunteering opportunities. For more information, visit Volunteering.

Fitness and Leisure

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