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Following a review of bus routes across Cambridgeshire, Stagecoach has confirmed a new bus network will be effective from Sunday 30 October 2022.

View the new network map with the full details.

In response to the new network, which will impact bus services in Huntingdonshire, Cllr Sarah Conboy, Executive Leader, said:

"Our Joint administration is extremely concerned that the decision by Stagecoach to withdraw services will have a significant impact on our residents who are reliant on buses and use them to get to places like school and work.

"We are very keen that authorities with the power to reinstate public bus services understand how important they are to our residents and do all they can to ensure they have public transport options that enable them to continue their daily lives.

"We want to make the transition to a fairer, greener Huntingdonshire and this requires a robust network of public transportation. With these changes, residents in our rural areas are now facing a future with complete dependency on private cars and the resulting carbon emissions.

"The cost-of-living crisis is challenging many residents and finding alternative ways to travel will impact heavily on their finances. The loss of services could not have come at a worse time."