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Results for local District Council elections have been counted and verified. Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) now has 22 Conservative councillors, 11 Independent councillors, 10 Liberal Democrat councillors, four Labour councillors, four St Neots Independent Group councillors and one Green Party councillor.

This means that there is no overall control of the Council. Elected Members are in active conversations about forming a new administration.

The Council was a Conservative administration with 29 Conservative councillors, 10 HDC Independent Group councillors, seven Liberal Democrat councillors, three Labour councillors, two Independent councillors, and one vacancy.

Councillor Ryan Fuller, Executive Leader of Huntingdonshire District Council, was not re-elected, which means there will be a new Leader for the Council. At the Annual Council meeting on 18 May 2022, formal announcements will be made about the new administration and new Leader for HDC.

Visit our election results page for further details.