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We are currently (26 May 2023) dealing with an upgrade to our website that includes various maps. These include Conservation Area and Listed Buildings, Tree Preservation Orders and Flood Alleviation. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Residents in Huntingdonshire are being urged to get cycling or walking to help reduce air pollution as part of Clean Air Day 2022.

The national initiative, which aims to raise public understanding about air pollution and how it affects people's health, takes place today (16 June). As part of the campaign, people are encouraged to make pledges for cleaner air – such as by ditching cars and walking or cycling.

The theme for this year's Clean Air Day is 'Air pollution dirties every organ in your body. Take steps to improve your health' and is geared towards getting people exercising outdoors.

Residents are also urged to talk to others about the harms of air pollution and ask local and national decision makers to promote cleaner air.

Meanwhile, the authority has developed The Local Plan to 2036 - which includes eight key policies to shape Huntingdonshire's environment:

  • LP2 - Strategy for Development - minimises travel to access employment and leisure opportunities, promotes cycling and walking

  • LP3 - protect and enhance green infrastructure for biodiversity with increased green space trees to store carbon and reduce flooding impact

  • LP5 - Flood risk - minimise contribution to further flooding, protect our vital floodplains

  • LP12 - Design for energy efficiency to reduce energy demands, challenging but achievable zero carbon target

  • LP16 - sustainable travel, increased opportunities for walking and cycling

  • LP30 - Biodiversity, priority habitats

  • LP35 - Renewable and low carbon energy, supporting energy generation reducing fossil fuel use

  • LP36 - Air quality, attention to impact of new developments including promotion of clean air zones.

Cllr Lara Davenport-Ray, Executive Councillor for Climate and Environment, said: "On Clean Air Day, Huntingdonshire District Council is celebrating the move away from using fossil fuels.

"Charging points have been installed in car parks across the district and since their installation, they have delivered enough kilowatt hours to power the average electric vehicle almost 125,000 miles. This also means 125,000 fewer polluting miles and cleaner air across Huntingdonshire.

"The council is committed to taking climate action and we will be encouraging businesses and residents across Huntingdonshire to follow us on our route to net zero.

For more information about Clean Air Day and how to get involved visit Global Action Plan.