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Huntingdonshire District Council has installed new ‘Welcome to Huntingdonshire’ signage along the boundary of the district.

Working with Cambridgeshire County Council and Milestone, we have replaced and upgraded old welcome signage, and installed the signs in new locations at the main entrances to the district.

Executive Councillor for Leisure, Waste and Street Scene, Cllr Simone Taylor, said: "We hope that the installation of this new signage will help residents to identify with Huntingdonshire and feel a deepened sense of pride for the district that they live and work in. The new signage on our borders will also help to identify the district to visitors, who maybe aren’t as aware of our position within Cambridgeshire and the East of England."

Shadow Cabinet Member for Waste, Street Scene and Open Spaces, Cllr Marge Beuttell, said: "It is great to see this initiative started under the previous administration completed. The signage is a big step forward in creating a clear identity for the district across border areas and will increase local pride of residents and businesses in Huntingdonshire."

Research has shown that the synchronicity of signage is linked with unity and solidarity in an area. This new signage will create a renewed sense of place and ignite civic pride across the district.

The signage project was first initiated in July 2021 by the District Council and to represent the wider council involvement in the project, Cllr Simone Taylor invited Cllr Marge Beuttell, Shadow Cabinet Member for Waste, Street Scene and Open Spaces, to take part in photos of the new signage.