Huntingdonshire District Council has completed its first audit of a local business that has signed up for our Sustainable Communities Pledge Pilot.

Stukeley Meadows-based APPS UK Ltd, who provide high quality air pollution products and systems using environmentally friendly technology, signed up to complete the Bronze Level Award and are the first business to qualify.

Executive Councillor for Operations and Environment Marge Beuttell said: "Across Huntingdonshire, we have many thriving industrial areas which regularly struggle to get the recognition they deserve, from large chains to smaller independent businesses. The Sustainable Communities Pledge has been created with all sizes of business in mind, to be able to demonstrate and celebrate the great work that often goes into making the local community more sustainable through reducing litter, educating staff and improving the surrounding areas. The overall aim is to create a cleaner, safer and more welcoming area for the public and to encourage them to visit some of the unique businesses which we have throughout the district.

The pledge has been embraced by all staff members within the company and it was clear to see the positive behavioural change, with the following comments being made by a representative following the achievement."

Tom Gosling, Marketing Manager at APPS Group said: "Upon receiving the sustainable communities pledge, we as a company knew we needed to do more to create a positive impact on the environment. The pledge gave us areas of focus and guidance to improve and adapt internal policies around waste disposal, litter and educating staff.

With minimal cost impact and minimal changes, there has been a noticeable change in culture within the business. Not only has this created a tidier and more organised working environment it will no doubt have a positive impact on the environment and the nature that surrounds us."

Bronze level criteria include:

  • external bins having tight-fitting lids or covers and are easily accessible
  • monthly litter picks are performed on-site
  • all waste collections must be made by HDC or other authorised waste contractors with a Waste Carriers Licence
  • customer facilities are involved to help reduce single-use plastics and waste within communal areas, for example straws in canteens.

APPS UK Ltd can be found on 14 Windover Road, Huntingdon. Any further questions for APPS UK Ltd following completion of the Sustainable Communities Pledge, please contact Tom Gosling, Marketing Manager at tom.gosling@appsuk.com.

Following the success of APPS UK Ltd, the pledge has been adopted by sister companies Outside Structure Solutions and Powerpoint CES Ltd. They have also achieved Bronze Status in recognition of their commitment to improving their overall working environment through the Sustainable Communities Pledge.

Currently the Sustainable Communities Pledge is being piloted within Huntingdon’s Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate and St Peter’s Road and is free of charge to new applicants. To express your interest and find out further information on the pledge, please email Litterminimisation@huntingdonshire.gov.uk.