On Thursday 19 September 2019, voters in Huntingdon will go to the polls to vote in the Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan referendum. In the Huntingdon East Ward, voters will also be asked to take part in the election of a councillor for this ward.

To vote in this referendum and by-election you must be registered to vote in local government elections and be 18 or over on the day of the poll. Anyone not already registered to vote must do so by Tuesday 3 September 2019 and can apply online.

Poll cards are being delivered for these polls and polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm.

A Notice of Election and Notice of Referendum have been published. If you wish to stand as a candidate in this election please email elections@huntingdonshire.gov.uk for a nomination paper. Nominations close at 4pm on Thursday 22 August 2019.

If you are unable to vote in person on Thursday 19 September 2019, it may be possible to apply for a postal or proxy vote. The deadline for applications to vote by post is 5pm on Wednesday 4 September 2019. The deadline for applications to vote by proxy is 5pm on Wednesday 11 September 2019.

See the Upcoming Elections and Results page for more information about the referendum and by-election.