Huntingdonshire District Council has awarded the first Silver award for the Sustainable Communities Pledge scheme.

Winter & Company Ltd is the first business to be awarded the Silver award for Huntingdonshire District Council’s Sustainable Communities Pledge, following their previously awarded Bronze award. In 2020, we created the Sustainable Communities Pledge to encourage local businesses to showcase the positive environmental and social action they are undertaking in their communities to the public.

Many businesses have already taken steps to ensure they are sustainable and many more are implementing policy change to improve practices in line with the pledge.

Winter & Company UK Ltd, based in Huntingdon’s Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate, has now been awarded both the Bronze and Silver awards for its ongoing efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Communities Pledge. The company has demonstrated its commitment to reducing litter, waste and providing sustainable facilities for staff and visitors to achieve Bronze and has included environmental education for staff in its achievement of Silver.

Executive Councillor for Operations and Environment, Cllr Marge Beuttell, said: "The Sustainable Communities Pledge has already been taken up by a number of companies across the district and I am proud to see that our encouragement of environmentally-friendly and socially responsible goals are replicated through Bronze awards to these businesses. Congratulations to Winter & Company for their Silver award, it is great to have the support of local businesses as we strive to make Huntingdonshire a great place to live, work and explore."

In addition to their continued journey on the Sustainable Communities Pledge, Winter & Company is planning to invest more widely into bin provisions outside of their site, in collaboration with the District Council, to provide visitors with a place to dispose of waste out of hours. Additionally, they will also be supporting and taking part in District Council organised litter picks in the area.

Managing Director of Winter & Co UK Ltd, Paul Davinson, said: "Sustainability is a core value for Winter & Company both locally and globally. We feel proud in achieving the first silver award and endeavour to improve our sustainability practices further to better the environment not only for our team but for all those who visit our site and surrounding areas."

The pledge has since been rolled out across the district. More information on how to sign up to the pledge can be found on our Information for Businesses page.