On 22 May Huntingdonshire District Council discussed a report with the Employment Committee which recommended the introduction of a staff rewards programme. The council has been looking at new approaches to recognise the efforts staff are making to transform the way we work as an organisation, building on delivering services that benefit our customers.

In the report a number of suggestions were made which allows staff and managers to recognise when employees deliver over expectations and in benefit of our customers. This includes both what employees do and how they do it, in line with the council’s corporate 'icare values'. Long lists of suggestions within the report were initial ideas, recognising that individuals have different interests and needs.

The scheme is in early development and although the principle of a reward programme was endorsed by committee, more work on the specific types of reward is required, balancing costs and the need to create a portfolio of options. All rewards approved for the final list will not interfere with the services provided for customers. For example, 'time-limited parking' is available at our business sites for staff - however, this does not extend for use at our pay and display sites across the district. 

Executive Councillor for Customer and Digital, Darren Tysoe, said: "There is strong evidence that supports the idea that teams who work well together are far more effective and successful than individuals. As a council we want to be able to reward staff and enhance motivation and morale in ways which salaries alone simply don’t provide instant recognition or appreciation. New team-based rewards place a greater emphasis on team-work than on individual effort."