At a meeting of Cabinet on Thursday 17 March, Huntingdonshire District Council approved a new round of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding applications for projects across the district.

Six local projects were supported totalling a combined CIL investment of over £2 million, including the large scale improvement investment in Hinchingbrooke Country Park and support for the redevelopment project at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. The remaining four CIL-funded projects across the district are:

Sawtry 3G Pitch - £150,000

This project is to build a full size floodlit 3G artificial grass pitch on the site of Sawtry Village Academy to provide a training and match-play venue for local football clubs, multi-sports clubs and community groups.

Godmanchester Mill Steps - £48,000

£200,000 worth of CIL Funding was previously approved by Cabinet in 2021 for this project, however, due to an unforeseen increase in supplies and project costs an additional £48,000 has been approved to enable the completion of the project. View the latest updates of this ongoing District Council project.

Brampton/Buckden Public Rights of Way - £50,000

Subject to the confirmation of costs and support from the Environmental Agency, £50,000 has been supported to improve the Rights of Way condition and accessibility in the Great Ouse Valley area, exploring improved walkway structure and facilitating the future maintenance of routes.

Ramsey St Mary’s Recreation Ground - £47,136

CIL funding has been approved to support the construction of a small car park and vehicle access to serve the new recreation ground in Ramsey St Marys.

Executive Councillor for Strategic Planning, Cllr Jon Neish, said: "We always look to use CIL funding in the best way to help us deliver infrastructure and community facilities across Huntingdonshire, ensuring that the projects we support will make positive impacts for all our residents.

This latest round of approved CIL funding includes a number of large-scale projects. Including a large investment in the Hinchingbrooke Country Park and our support of the redevelopment project at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. I am also very proud that we can support a number of schemes in different corners of Huntingdonshire with further projects taking place in Sawtry, Ramsey St Mary, Godmanchester and within the Brampton and Buckden region."

CIL is a planning charge placed on developers that allows local authorities to assist in the funding and delivery of infrastructure development within the local area. The use of CIL funds highlights our commitment to supporting the development of infrastructure that enables district-wide and localised growth as well as improving the supply of new and affordable housing, jobs, and vital community facilities.