Residents in Huntingdonshire are being urged to make sure they don't lose their right to vote as part of the annual voter registration process. Door-to-door canvassers will be out and about over the next six weeks, visiting households in the district, where no response has been received.

Many Huntingdonshire households have already returned their voter registration form, which they are required to do every year. Apart from being a legal requirement, completing the form is essential for anyone who wants to vote in the forthcoming elections as well as assisting anyone wanting to apply for credit.

Those who have not yet responded will now receive a personal visit to confirm their details. Canvassers working on behalf of the council are easily identifiable, with ID badges on display. The purpose of their call is to confirm the details of the household with simple questions, ensuring that everyone eligible to vote will be able to take part in forthcoming elections.

Electoral registration officer at Huntingdonshire District Council, Jo Lancaster, said: "Completing the form is required by law and if you don’t register you can’t vote. This applies to voting locally in elections as well as for the forthcoming District Council elections for all seats in May 2022.

"As well as allowing you to vote, being on the electoral register helps to confirm your address, especially by credit reference agencies when someone applies for credit, such as a mortgage, personal loan or even a mobile phone. If you are not registered, you might well be refused credit, as well as losing your right to vote."

Residents can either return their forms in the envelopes provided or respond by telephone, online or text. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

For those who do receive a personal visit, all canvassers will carry an ID badge and residents who wish to verify that the canvasser is genuine can ring the elections team on 01480 388017.