Huntingdonshire District Council is seeking funding to install parklets, as a pilot project, in three of our market towns; Huntingdon, Ramsey and St. Ives. Parklets can be thought of as a very, very small park. They provide a place for people to relax, rest and even people watch. They add a touch of greenspace to the High Street.

An interesting example of what parklets can do can be seen in this case study.


Before we move forward with the project we want to know what local people think of the idea and give you a role in their design and location. To get involved please complete our quick survey using the link below:

  • Community Surveycomplete this if you are a Huntingdonshire resident
  • Business Survey - complete this if you have a business in Huntingdonshire District

To sign up for a digital community meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 10 March 2021 and/or share any comments, questions or queries please email or call or text Sarah (between 9am and 6pm) on 07951 384263.

Why Parklets could benefit your High Street?

What Parklets can do for you

What people have said about Parklet projects in their towns...

"I’m sitting here right now having my coffee watching the world go by. It makes our city seem like a much more friendly place."

"It’s super, a cool place to sit and chat, eat your sandwich (albeit on a sunny day!)."