What is Let's Get Moving Cambridgeshire?

Let's Get Moving Cambridgeshire has been funded and supported by Cambridgeshire County Council Health Committee and aims to improve the health of the Cambridgeshire population, specifically by increasing levels of physical activity. We will do this by promoting existing opportunities, developing new opportunities and supporting people who need help to achieve their goals.

How can it benefit you?

If you'd like help to get active we can support you to find a suitable activity, whether it's mainstream or specialised. We can also assist with the setting up of new activities in your community, helping to find a venue or advising you of the most successful advertising avenues.

We will also be promoting national initiatives to make sure you're aware of opportunities.

How do I get started?

We know that being physically active doesn't come easily to everyone. Let's Get Moving Cambridgeshire will offer support and advice tailored to you, to give you the best chance of increasing your activity levels. To receive information about suitable activities or to receive one-to-one support to become more active, we need some information about you. The application below shouldn't take longer than ten minutes to complete.

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Would you like to get your company active?

Find out more about getting your company active. View Let's Get Your Company Moving in Cambridgeshire.

For further information please contact Hannah Postlethwaite at hannah.postlethwaite@huntingdonshire.gov.uk or visit our Let's Get Moving webpage.

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