Consultation Starts: 10-Dec-2018

Consultation Ends: 29-Jan-2019

In March 2018 Huntingdonshire District Council submitted the Local Plan to 2036 for independent examination by a Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. Public examination hearings were held between 17 - 20 July and 10 - 27 September 2018.

We have now published the proposed main modifications that have been identified by the Inspector as necessary to make the Huntingdonshire Local Plan to 2036 'sound' and 'legally compliant'. Consultation on the proposed main modifications runs from 10 December 2018 to 29 January 2019. To respond please visit the online consultation portal.

A full list of the proposed main modifications and supporting documents are below:

Please note that this consultation is only concerned with the proposed main modifications identified to make the Huntingdonshire Local Plan to 2036 'sound' and is not a consultation on the Local Plan as a whole. Representations to the Huntingdonshire Local Plan to 2036: Proposed Submission consultation remain before the Inspector for his reference and to inform his final conclusions on the Local Plan. All representations made to the proposed main modifications will be taken into account by the Inspector.