Building work is progressing well at our headquarters at Pathfinder House, Huntingdon to create a Customer Service Hub where residents can access multiple services, all in one space.

Rural Cambs Citizens Advice is already based in the Customer Service Centre and will be joined by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) once works are complete.

Cllr Stephen Cawley, Executive Councillor for Transformation and Customers, said: "The first phase of work is on track, and we are looking forward to welcoming the DWP to join us and Citizens Advice at Pathfinder House in May. This ’co-location working’ paves the way for a smarter and more efficient way of delivering public services. Due to the type of queries each organisation handles, there are many occasions where there is likely to be a crossover in the service delivered. Being in one place will allow staff to liaise with each other more effectively and ensure that customers receive the best possible care and support."

Dr Batul Dungarwalla, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Cambs Citizens Advice, said: "We look forward to working with all our partners to ensure that the needs of all the clients that walk into Pathfinder House are met."

As work continues we will try to ensure that, where possible, it takes place outside normal office hours to keep disruption to a minimum. There will be some occasions when work will need to be carried out while customers are in the building, which is unavoidable. However, the main focus will still be on customer care, privacy and safety while this takes place.