The number of town centre disabled parking spaces in the district is to be increased following a review by Huntingdonshire District Council.

The current parking provision in St Germain Street, Huntingdon, will come to an end as the lease has expired and will be handed back to the landlord. This will mean the loss of 15 disabled parking spaces on 24 March.  By re-allocating spaces, the council can offer 14 alternative spaces within the ring road, with a further increase of 13 spaces after the completion of the building works in Chequers Court.

Additional alternative disabled parking can now be found in St Germain Street (Minor), Princes Street and Sainsbury's multi-storey ground floor car parks.

During March, work will also take place to provide additional disabled parking spaces in car parks close to St Ives town centre.  We will re-allocate existing parking spaces to offer an additional 21 disabled parking bays.

Cllr Jim White, Executive Councillor for Operations, said: "Through monitoring the provision of disabled parking spaces across the district, we have been able to assess the current and future requirement and re-allocate spaces accordingly.  Whilst no plans are ready yet, we are also currently reviewing St Neots to find suitable locations for extra spaces."