We have launched a new consultation asking about residents’ experiences with dogs. We are seeking views on the range of dog controls which are currently in place and exploring the possibility of introducing new controls across the district.

We are carrying out the consultation because of a change in the law which means that the current dog controls will lapse over time unless they are replaced by a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO). Due to this change in law, we are proposing to replace all of the current Dog Control Orders with a new district-wide PSPO, and to do this it is required carry out a public consultation.

Cllr Ryan Fuller, Executive Councillor for Housing and Regulatory Services, said: "Although we understand that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and control their dogs well, there is a significant minority who do not, resulting in some 500 calls per year to the council. In planning a new PSPO to put appropriate controls in place, Huntingdonshire District Council is seeking to address the concerns of our community and it is therefore important that we hear from the people who are most impacted by this issue."

We are not proposing to change any of the current Dog Control Order terms and conditions. The new PSPO will simply re-badge the current Orders as a single PSPO. We are, however, proposing to introduce two new district-wide controls which will require a person in control of a dog to:

  • pick up and remove its faeces (poo) (which currently only applies in specified places) and
  • demonstrate, when asked by a police or council officer, that they have a bag or similar object allowing them to remove their dog’s faeces.

The consultation runs until Friday 25 August 2017.

View the consultation and complete the survey.