Over recent years, residents and customers have changed how they prefer to access the services provided by Huntingdonshire District Council. Therefore, in a bid to become more customer-focussed, we have reviewed the services we currently provide through the Customer Service Centres in Ramsey, Yaxley and St Neots.

The review showed that the number of customer visits to these three offices is very low and declining as the shift to online grows, and more and more residents and customers want the convenience of accessing services at a time that suits them. In response to these changes in expectation and customer behaviour, we have decided to close these already under-used centres in Ramsey, Yaxley and St Neots.

Customers will be fully supported through this transition and we are committed to helping customers who currently use these facilities find a suitable alternative way for them to continue to receive the services they need. Many will be able to access services through our website or by phoning our Customer Contact Centre, both of which regularly receive excellent feedback from customers. For more vulnerable customers who cannot access services by these means, we will continue to provide home visit support.

The Customer Contact Centre at Pathfinder House, Huntingdon is set to become a fully integrated, multi-agency hub offering face-to-face services. Citizens Advice already operates from there and we expect the Department for Work and Pensions to join them later in 2017. This will provide residents of Huntingdonshire the convenience of accessing more services in one location.

John Taylor, Head of Customer Services, said: "The decision to close the centres was not reached easily, but as customers and residents change the way they prefer to access our services, and being mindful of the need to always make the best use of the council's resources while still providing excellent service, we recognised the need to make this change. We have thought hard about how we can support residents through this change and will work closely with local ward members in this process."