Where can I get my dog microchipped?

Many vets, kennels and dog groomers carry out dog microchipping. They charge a fee and costs will vary.

Organisations such as Wood Green Animal Shelter and the Dogs Trust offer free microchipping from time to time.

I have a litter of puppies – what do I need to do?

From 6 April 2016 all puppies that you keep, including those you intend to sell or pass to a new keeper, must be microchipped by the age of eight weeks and registered with your details.

Once the puppy is sold or passed on, you must give the microchipping paperwork to the new keeper, preferably with the details updated to the new keeper. Otherwise, the new keeper becomes responsible for making sure all details are updated and kept up to date with the relevant microchipping database.

If your puppies aren't microchipped by the time they are eight weeks old you can be prosecuted under the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015.

I'm getting a puppy – what do I need to do?

If you are getting a new puppy you should never take one under the age of at least eight weeks. Please make sure the breeder has microchipped the puppy and given you the paperwork. You will then become responsible for ensuring the microchip company has updated details with the correct name, address and contact numbers.

What should I do if my puppy isn't microchipped?

If your puppy isn't microchipped, please report the breeder to our Animal Welfare Officer by calling 01480 388282 or emailing envhealth@huntingdonshire.gov.uk.

Need more information or advice?

Please contact our Animal Welfare Officer on 01480 388282 or envhealth@huntingdonshire.gov.uk.