We have launched the first major improvement to our new site and this is the addition of a homepage ‘plug-in’. This allows you to quickly view some of our most popular services on the homepage, without having to go to other parts of the site or view multiple pages.

Services you can now access straight from the homepage are:

  • your bin collection calendar
  • One Leisure swimming and fitness class timetables.

We will be adding more services to this plug-in soon, including: 

  • making a payment
  • find your local councillor.

Add plug-ins

You can activate the plug-in by clicking on the cog found at the top right of the homepage, next to the search box.

This will launch a pop-up and you can choose the services you want displayed – this can be just one or multiple, depending on your needs. 

Bin collection calendar

To display the bin collection calendar on the homepage:

  • click on the cog at the top right hand side of the hompage
  • a box will pop up and you need to check the box next to 'Bin Collections'
  • click on 'Save Settings'
  • enter your postcode
  • click on the green ‘Search’ button
  • select your address
  • click on ‘Get Dates’ to show your bin collection calendar or ‘Reset’ to choose a different address.

If you want to print, save or download your calendar click on ‘View More Options’, then make your selection under ‘Options’.

The last address you entered should appear each time you are on the homepage. If you need to view a different address, click the 'Reset' button.

One Leisure timetables

To display One Leisure fitness class timetables:

  • click on the cog at the top right hand side of the homepage
  • check the box next to 'One Leisure'
  • click on 'Save Settings'
  • if you already have another plug-in active, such as the bin calendar, you will need to use the arrow to the right
  • pick your One Leisure site (you can select multiple sites)
  • click the ‘Get Timetable’ button

If you want to add or change the selected One Leisure site then hit the ‘Reset’ button.

Remove plug-ins

You can stop displaying your chosen plug-ins at any time – simply click on the plug-ins cog in the top right, uncheck the selected service, then click on ‘Save Settings’.

We are always keen to hear what users think of our website, so please provide us with your feedback.