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Planning Policy


On the 8th of December 2011 the Cabinet endorsed the proposal for the Council to produce a new Local Plan. The Local Plan will cover the period up to 2036 and, once adopted, will replace all current parts of the development plan, including the Core Strategy 2009, the Huntingdon West Area Action Plan 2011 and the saved policies of the Local Plan 1995 and Local Plan Alteration 2002. 

For further information go to the Local Plan to 2036 webpage or go straight to our consultation portal in 'External Links'.

Development Plan

The current Development Plan is made up of:

  • The Core Strategy (adopted September 2009): This sets the spatial vision, objectives and strategic directions of growth to 2026
  • The Huntingdon West Area Action Plan (adopted February 2011)
  • Saved policies from the Local Plan 1995 and the Local Plan Alteration 2002

Also of relevance are:

  • Supplementary Planning Documents – These contain additional detail to support planning policies
  • The Statement of Community Involvement – This explains how we will involve people in preparing new documents, and also in development management decisions.
  • The Local Development Scheme – This sets out the timetable for producing our Local Plan
  • Monitoring and Research - this includes the Annual Monitoring Report  which presents information about how well planning policies are working, and research including the Environmental Capacity Study
  • Informal planning guidance and policy statements



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