Huntingdonshire District Council


Strategic Flood Risk Assessment


The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment for Huntingdonshire was undertaken in 2004 to provide a detailed and robust assessment of the extent and nature of the risk of flooding in Huntingdonshire and its implications for land use planning. In addition the SFRA sets the criteria for the submission of planning applications in the future and for guiding subsequent development control decisions.

The assessment was updated in 2010 and the new documents can be viewed on the right. An interactive map is also available.

  • To view the Full Document including maps, use the link on the right. For ease of use, we have copied the index map for the district and linked the 2054 predictive maps. The maps for 2004 are linked within the document itself.

    N.B The SFRA outputs should be used in conjunction with the Environment Agency Flood Zone Maps, the main difference being that the SFRA data takes into account flood defences.  It is anticipated that over time the differences between the data will be reduced. A full explanation of the differences is included on page 2 of the document.


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