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Comprehensive performance assessment


Comprehensive Performance Assessment was a new type of Government inspection of all councils, which was carried out by the Audit Commission.  Unlike other inspections, this considered councils as a whole and placed them in one of five categories – Excellent, Good, Fair, Weak or Poor.  Our inspection was held between 29 March and 2 April 2004 and the results were published on 22 July 2004, with Huntingdonshire District Council being rated as Excellent.

The main part of the inspection considered four questions –

  • what is the council trying to achieve?
  • how has the council set about delivering its priorities?
  • what has the council achieved or not achieved to date?
  • in light of what the council has learned to date, what does it plan to do next?

The assessment also looked at how we help to balance the housing market – our housing and planning services; how we help to improve and maintain public open space – including looking after the environment and keeping the area clean; what we do to help community safety; and what we do for young people.

An important starting point of the inspection was our own ‘Self Assessment’ – what we feel are our achievements and areas for development.  This was submitted to the Audit Commission in February and is available on the right.

The inspection team also looked at the results of a ‘Peer Challenge’. This was an independent review by a team of senior executives and a councillor from other councils.  A copy of their report is on the right.

A press release about the assessment result is linked on the bottom-right.

A copy of the Audit Commission's Community Digest and a copy of its Full Report on the council are linked from the bottom-right.

The Comprehensive Performance Assessment was replaced in 2008 by the Comprehensive Area Assessment.  The Comprehensive Area Assessment was a joint area-based assessment bringing together the work of six public sector watchdogs and ran until May 2010 when it was abolished by the new coalition government.

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