Huntingdonshire District Council


Area population statistics


Huntingdonshire's population on 30th June 2012 is estimated at 171,000 (Source: mid-2012 population estimate, © Crown copyright, Office for National Statistics, June 2013).

The 2011 Census results estimate that Huntingdonshire's population on 27th March 2011 was 169,500 (Source: 2011 Census Population and household estimates, © Crown Copyright, Office for National Statistics, July 2012). This is 8% higher than the 2001 Census estimate.

The latest (mid-2011) population estimates for the district's market towns are:

  • Huntingdon - 22,610
  • Ramsey - 6,040 (town not ward)
  • St Ives - 16,340
  • St Neots - 30,580

(Source: mid-2011 population estimates, Cambridgeshire County Council Research Group)

Please note that these town estimates above have not been updated to take the 2011 Census results into account.

The Research Group's population estimates page is linked on the right.



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