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Markets and Fairs

Farmers Market in Huntingdon 

Traditional Street Markets

- The friendly heart of our market towns -

Huntingdonshire's street markets are part of the character of our towns and help to make them special places to visit. Ancient Royal Charters established the Saturday market at Huntingdon and the St Ives Monday market in 1205 and 1312 respectively.

Huntingdonshire District Council operates the traditional street markets in Huntingdon and St Ives. 

Weekly markets are held at Huntingdon and St Ives.

Huntingdon        Wednesday and Saturday  8am to 4pm
St Ives                  Friday and Monday               8am to 4pm

St Neots also has a weekly street market, held on a Thursday, which is run by a private operator.  Ramsey has a Saturday street market operated by the Ramsey Initiative.

Special Bank Holiday Monday markets are held at St Ives. These large markets, with over 80 stalls, run from 8am to 4pm and attract shoppers and traders from all over the country.

Huntingdon Farmers' Markets

- Truly local food sold by the people who produce it -

Huntingdonshire District Council operates Huntingdon Farmers’ Market, which is held every other Friday from 8am to 2pm in the Market Square.  Special Saturday Farmers’ Markets are also held three times a year when there is a fifth Saturday in the month.  Click on the external link on the right for full details of Huntingdon Farmers’ Market dates and the type of products available.

Interested in selling your produce at Huntingdon Farmers' Market?

We are always keen to hear from potential traders, especially those who make products not presently sold at the Farmers' Market. 

If you meet the following three basic requirements for certified farmers' markets please get in touch with your details including a daytime phone number 

  1. You produce everything you wish to sell
  2. Somebody involved in production will be able to attend the market 
  3. Every item you wish to sell contains at least 10% locally-grown ingredients

Our definition of local is within 30 miles radius of Huntingdon, going up to 50 miles for products which cannot be sourced more locally.  Guest producers from more than 50 miles away may only attend on a non-regular basis.

Pitch fees are presently £23.00 per market for casual traders and £16.20 for permanent traders.

Farmers' markets are different because the food sold there must be from the local area and sold by the people who grew or produced it. Bought-in produce is not allowed. 
The values of a true Farmers’ Market are promoted and protected where you see the Certified Farmers’ Market logo.  For details of Certified Farmers’ Markets throughout the UK click on the external link on the right to FARMA, the National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association.

Certified Farmers’ Markets are run in Huntingdon and St Ives.  For details please contact the operators as follows:

  • Huntingdon - Huntingdonshire District Council (01480 388388) 
  • St Ives - St Ives Town Council (01480 388927)
  • St Neots - St Neots Town Council (01480 388912)

Farmers’ Market Days are:

  • Huntingdon - Every other Friday 8am to 2pm - in the Market Square; and "fifth Saturdays" in the High Street
  • St Ives - First & third Saturday of the month - Market Hill
  • St Neots - Second & fourth Saturday in the month - Market Square
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